Globalization feat. the Kardashev Scale

Seit Weihnachten nichts mehr gebloggt, teils aus Faulheit, teils aus..ok einfach nur aus Faulheit, aber jetzt ein besonderes Schmankerl: ein Auszug aus meiner neuesten Englisch HÜ über Globalisierung, bzw meine Meinung zur Globalisierung, inspired by Neill Blomkamp:

Personally, I think that globalization is just a side effect of our development into what the Soviet Russian astronomer Nikolai Kardashev called a Type I civilization.
His Kardashev Scale is a method of measuring the level of the technological advancement in a civilization. The scale is theoretical and highly speculative, yet it puts energy consumption of an entire civilization in a cosmic perspective.
A Type I civilization is able to harness the entire energy available on a single planet,
a Type II civilization is able to harness the entire power of a single star(in our case, the Sun) and a Type III civilization is able to harness all the power available from a single galaxy, in our case this would be the Milky Way.
As our energy resources at the moment are mostly dead plants and animals in the form of coal and oil, we are considered to be a Type 0 civilization, but we could reach Type I status in about 100 to 200 years. To reach that status, we would have to fully exploit solar, geothermal and wind, so we could use all the energy available on Earth.
Now, what has all that to do with globalization?
A Type I civilization is a connected civilization, a single global culture, a single global language and a single global economy with global communication and global politics.
We see this right now in Europe, where the countries unite in the EU, to form a single european Government. Eventually this will happen worldwide.
The side effects we see right now are terror and war, because so many different cultures clash and try to find their place in this globalized world.
This is what makes the evolution into a Type I civilization so hard, and it may be the reason why we die off in the near future. But if we make it that far, we will become a glactic and maybe even a universe incomposing civilization.
So, in my opinion, globalization is just a side effect of a much bigger development that is going on right now.

~ von themxm - März 5, 2010.

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